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images-2Anchor Brewing Company

We started in the tasting room.  There were a couple of last minute cancellations, and Dave had jury duty … but luckily, he called right before we started because he got out early … ended up getting a 10 person tour with 11 people.  Absolutely a fantastic group of people.

Tasting room bar

Tasting room bar

Our tour guide was a guy named Jeremiah.  Funny guy and loves working at Anchor.  He made me want to start working as a tour guide, not just for the beer … that would be part of it, but just listening to the history was awesome.   Jeremiah took us down this long corridor and gave a brief history of the brewery.  After the history, he went through the process.  It was pretty interesting, and watching guys in overalls throwing garbage cans full of hops into the vats was pretty cool.


Cooling rack

Steam beer actually has nothing to do with a process…just the fact that originally, after the boiling process, the beer was put into shallow containers on the roof of the brewery to cool and one could see the steam coming off the top of the buildings.  The process is a lot more controlled now and not out in the open, but it’s still mostly the same process.

Perhaps the best part of the tour was the fact that it was a true tour.  Nothing like something canned.  We were literally being told how the beer was made by a guy who actually worked on and made the beer.  121227anchor11Additionally, we were walking around in areas where there were hoses on the ground, pallets of beer from all over … definitely not a tour set up for presentation purposes.  Unless that’s intentional, it makes it a lot more interesting.

Once the tour ended, we went back to the tasting room and sampled all the 121227anchor02beers they had on tap.  Jeremiah stayed around long enough to answer any and all of our questions, constantly explaining what the process was in making each beer and what things done differently would change the flavor of the beer.

We ended up meeting up with a couple of other friends and ended the night at Merango.  It’s a slider place on Union that I like because I don’t have to make limiting decisions … if I’m in a turkey and pork mood, I can have both.


Definitely a tour worth taking, and we’ll probably do it again in the near future.






View from the tasting room


enough said


spiral staircase




kegs ready to be shipped


more aging


start of the tour, history of Anchor




more discussion on the process


at Merango, silhouette


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  1. Howard says:

    What the hell???? This is my only form of entertainment whilst stuck in the BIG VALLEY! That was a great tour. I have some pics if you want me to forward them. Had a GREAT time on the last visit.

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