Merry Christmas

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Howard at Pier 39

Merry Christmas everyone!  That’s right, Merry Christmas (or as Cartman would say, “Merry F@#!ing Christmas”).  Why so aggressive?  Because, while I understand the separation of church and state, I don’t understand the need for people to prevent someone else from celebrating whatever they want in whatever way they want to celebrate it.  If I say, “Merry Christmas” to someone, and they say, “Happy Hanukkah,” or, “Go Kwanzaa,” or “Wahoo Solstice,” then awesome!  Good for them.  Why does there have to be NONE?  It seems to me that if that is the case and that’s the constitutionally protected stance, then aren’t we promoting one “belief” (or in this case, non-belief) over another?

Working in the public sector, I run into this sort of thing all the time.  It finally got to the point at work where I just stopped putting any decorations up at all.  I had a menorah and a tree, and told anyone who wanted to put anything else out that they were welcome to do so, but in the end I just got tired of justifying it to everyone and just stopped putting anything out at all.  Of course, no one has any problem with the myriad of Buddha statues I have on the shelf, but that’s apparently not advocating a religion … in my case it’s just advocating being fat and happy.

So, in the time of giving and celebration, let’s remember that without Christmas there wouldn’t be a reason to take a lot of time off (regardless of what religion/non-religion you celebrate), drink with friends and relatives, or have your sister give you a personalized bobblehead that looks like you!!!  — Greatest looking bobblehead EVER!

Merry Christmas everyone, regardless of how you celebrate it.

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  1. Dan Biezad says:

    I think you have hit the proverbial nail on the head (or is it now “bobble-head?”). It is one thing to fight for a place for one’s own beliefs, and quite another to tear down, remove, or isolate another’s beliefs. I can see a Jewish parent arguing for a (public) school play about the Maccabees, or a Muslim parent arguing for something appropriate about Mohammed (whatever is allowed), but demanding that nothing be shown or done or said is worse than absurd, since it promotes belief in “nothing.”

    Spare me the parent who speaks of “reason.” If that parent happens to be the great thinker Spinoza, or Bertrand Russell, perhaps then a belief solely in reason would be ok. Great thinkers tend to have an ethics of reason that include empathy, compassion, and concern for the welfare of other human beings. But, for most individuals of lesser intellectual capacity, ethics is more typically based in a morality developed from one of the axial religions (that is, from any of the major religions, including Confucianism and Freemasons).

    Unfortunately, the reasoning behind Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” doesn’t seem to exclude fascism or communism or any other “ism.” Such sole focus on technology and reason may result in logic becoming a tool that could result in a tyranny of sorts, all in the name of evolution. We know that fascism and communism killed more human beings in one century than all of the deaths caused by other religions combined. To me, reason is a vital tool, but not a value in and for itself.

    The images of Freemasons are embedded everywhere in our society. The Nazis made freemasons wear red inverted triangles on their sleeve, but now the freemasons are known by the image of blue forget-me-not flowers. We should realize that it is the imposition of one cultural ideology that is anathema, and not the display of a variety of religious symbols in our public places. The argument against religion in public discourse, to me, is like arguing against political parties because we don’t want one of them to take over the government. Let the truth compete. If you don’t like Freemason imagery on our paper currency, then lobby for imagery from your own belief system. If atheism is true, then let it compete with the other ideologies, but don’t inadvertently impose it starting in our schools.

    I’m just sayin’.

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