English as an Official Language

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(Originally posted March 9, 2006)

Can anyCalifornia_state_flagone explain why those in power cater to people that don’t speak English?  Why money is spent on printing any number of different documents in whatever language we can guilt the government into printing?  The government is not a private industry.  They make their money from non-production of goods and services (which takes away from those making goods and services).  If a private company deems it necessary, so be it.  It’s not coming out of anyone’s pocket unless they choose to spend it.  When the government uses taxpayer dollars to translate things into another language, then there’s a problem.  Why can’t this be a local issue?  If there’s a significant local population that speaks a specific language, let them pay for it.

Learn the language.  Is there a cultural bias?  Yes, there is, and being in the United States that kind of makes sense.  One would expect Italians to have a cultural bias toward Italy, why would it be different here?  It does not mean one is superior to another, but it does mean that when in the United States it is fair to be bias toward the United States and its history.  Were one to move to another country, learn another language.  If one moves here, then learn English, or, if you don’t, live in the community that other immigrants have created (Chinatown, Little Italy, Japantown, wherever).  If one is happy living there and don’t feel the need to learn English, good.

Those cultural pockets are fantastic places to go.  They allow one to experience other cultures.  The food, the market, what life might be like there.  Few things are as entertaining as walking through Chinatown watching some fish guy pound the head of a giant sea bass with a wooden mallet…that’s cool.  He doesn’t have to learn English if he doesn’t want, but if that’s the case, he won’t be able to read anything printed in English, or communicate in English.  It’s not the government’s responsibility to assist people who want to remain part of that culture and not branch out.  The government is supposed to educate on these sorts of things, if the ignorant choose to pass on that education, then that’s their prerogative.  It is after all, supposed to be about free choice.

For those that claim that we’re a bunch of cultures, mixed together…I’ll not disagree with that assessment.  But we need to have some sort of commonality, and communication should be where it starts.

“English is the common language of the people of the United States of America and the state of California…”

“English is the official language of the state of California.”

- Constitution of the State of California, Article III, Section 6, paragraphs a and b.



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