Two Sisters Bar and Books

Jul 12th, 2013 | By | Category: Bar, Restaurant, Tourism

FYI to everyone, this is my first post from the iPad, and first post of a restaurant. There is no reason why I picked this one first, maybe as a test. Still working on graphics (Mookees).

Two Sisters Bar and Books

579 Hayes St, San Francisco

Great little meeting spot if you’re just looking to have a drink and move on to the next place (though you can eat here). In this case, probably dinner, as it’s located very near the restaurants of Hayes Valley. Small and narrow on the inside, food is good and wine/whiskey selection is good/average, but the bartenders are friendly and can steer you to something you haven’t thought to try before. The atmosphere is awesome.

Beer: 2 Mookee
Alcohol: 2 Mookee
Atmosphere: 3 Mookee
oh, and food: 2 Mookee
Cost: 2 Mookee
Overall: 2 Mookee

When I get my graphics going, I’ll do images for the Mookees … but for now, this is what I have. I’m going with a 3 “star” system …
1 Mookee = ok, I’ll eat here
2 Mookee = normal, expected, good enough, not worthy of report
3 Mookee = Awesome, this place rocks

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